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Long time - Posted by: akinney - June 15, 2012
Dear Bob and Susan. I have been working for the state of Utah now 1.5 yers and plan to stay 2.5 more before heading to Arizona. Things are going great and I love the job and will make up the SS time I missed while on Workmans Comp. I hear from Gil aall of the time and he lets me know that you both are doing very well. I have not been very active in keeping up with my friends from Mastercon and still hear occasionally from some of them. We have had a rough year in that our son in law lost his battle with melanoma on Memorial day after a 115 day struggle and my and Judy's mother are not doing very well. So much for downer news. I am still building 35th scale armor, ships, aircraft (mostly rotor winged) amd lots of Railroad. The last count was 5100 plus pieces and almost 175 of Railroad. Have branched out of German WW II railroad and doing Russian, British and Japanese Pieces and have started to do large artillery peices and US Railroad gun pieces. I really enjoy all of the work and rally just enjoy building all of the new stuff coming out. I am amazed at the quality of detail and variety of new kit of new and historic equipment coming out. With people like Bronco, DML, Tamiya, Dragon, Riech, and losts of others planning and manufacturing the odd ball stuff a person needs to be very careful on scratch building. I really hope that the two of you are still well and we send our very best reguards to you both. Really still miss those wonderful days of Mastercon. By the way Loic closed Great Models on the 26 of april and sold to Sprue Brothers and left a lot of people hanging, just like him. Hope that this finds the two of you very well in health and spirit and hope that BOB is still building and Susan is just keeping it all straight. With much care and appreciation to you both. Judy and Alleyn Kinney

Re: Long time - Posted by: Bob Letterman - June 20, 2012
Hey Alleyn, It's been a while! So very sorry to hear about your son. I have had a very busy May and June, I'll drop you an email. I knew all about Great Models, Gordon Kwan is a friend and my daughter and I were at his place when the trucks were arriving from Utah. So many changes going on in the model industry it's hard to keep up. Glad to hear you are still modeling. I keep cranking them out as well. Susan and I are both in good health and staying very active. It was great to hear from you, I'll pop you an email later. Bob and Susan