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Lewis Pruneau - Posted by: somie3 - August 22, 2011
Hi Bob, I'm not sure if you respond to email or blogs, but.... While we've never met personally, I feel I know you very well through my uncle Lewis Pruneau. Lewis is a tremendous talent and I know you through his very special friendship with you. Thank you for that and please keep me in the loop on all of your future endeavors with Lewis. He's a very special treasure and his time and talent are immeasurable. Thank You, Mary

Re: Lewis Pruneau - Posted by: Bob Letterman - August 23, 2011
Hi Mary, Regardless of his incredible talent, he is also one of the good guys! I am proud to call him my friend. So, we are in full agreement about Lewis. He never ceases to surprise and amaze me with his fantastic imagination. If I can ever get him on the web, I would post his work on my site. He deserves much more coverage than he gets. Thanks for visiting, Bob