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The Big Seven-O - Posted by: Bob Letterman - May 8, 2011
Preparing for my 70th Birthday party. May the 11th is my birthday, but we are having a party on the following saturday, the 14th. Expecting about thirty five to attend, including my daughter. Many old friends, some I haven't seen in twenty years or more. Susan and I are healthy, still very fit! I recently did a 700 pound leg press to celebrate getting old! Think I'll go for 800 when I turn 80! Bob

Re: The Big Seven-O - Posted by: modelmad - May 11, 2011
All the best for the big day from down under Bob! Its already the 11th down here so well have a toast to you! Regards, Adrian (formally Von Bulow of TNT)

Re: The Big Seven-O - Posted by: Bob Letterman - May 12, 2011
Hi Adrian, Thanks, I appreciate that. I remember your web name and icon! Maybe we'll cross paths some day! Bob