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Dave Harper - Posted by: Bob Letterman - October 3, 2010
I somehow seem to always be the one who has to pass things like this on. Dave Harper has been battling cancer for a couple of years now. He appeared to get better, then recently began going downhill. He was taken to the hospital on the 20th, and, I just learned this morning, has been in a coma since. The doctors notified Bill Chilstrum, his friend, that his coma is terminal. His liver function is gone and it is a matter of days. As he still has cancer in other parts of his body, he is ineligible for a transplant. The doctors have said it is a matter of days now. As of yet, his family hasn't been notified as they are difficult to locate. He only has two sisters, one is a civilian in Afghanistan and nobody knows the whereabouts of the other sister. Dave was one of my very best friends and we emailed or talked daily. He had really understated his condition to both me and Bill. I suppose there is never a situation where there is positively no chance, but it sounds really bad. When I spoke to him last, on the 18th, he sounded almost drunk, and Dave doesn't drink. Happy, and in good spirits but not like himself. Bill told me that Dave hasn't spoken since the 20th. So very, very sad. Bob and Susan