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Good evening from France : J-Luc - Posted by: J-Luc - March 31, 2010
Good evening, I'm Jean-Luc, from France (I'm living in suburbs, Southwest of Paris). I'm really impress by detail of you models, figures, and dioramas of course !!! I'm a model builder since 30 years. Please accept my apologies for my english, it's not my mother tongue. My gallery have been created, added some pictures. My favorite hobby : Figures, Military, Fantastic, ships in bottle, Scales : 1/72, 1/35. See you soon, J-Luc.

Re: Good evening from France : J-Luc - Posted by: Bob Letterman - April 1, 2010
Hi Jean-Luc! Welcome to the site! I have spent a great deal of time in France. I lived in Verdun for three years and have also spent a lot of time in Paris. Living in the southwest suburbs you must live somewhere close to Versailles? Bob