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Another web site needs help - Posted by: DioRandy - March 27, 2010
Hey, Bob I just visited the web site Historica Formus, which is a sister site to Armorama, and they are down to two staff members. The site focuses on figures from all time periods and is a tremendous asset to modelers. However, they are in dire need of contributing staff members to keep the site alive. If you know of anyone who would be interested and willing to help them out it would be greatly appreciated. I've volunteered my assistance, although I'm not really a figure guy. But, they could use my background in the newspaper business by editing and managing the efforts of their contributors. However, it's bad timing for me. I've been promoted and transferred to our Arlington Heights, Illinois, facility and will begin my new duties as a district manager on Monday. As a result, my free time will be greatly reduced. I realize you're extremely busy with your latest project and new-found daughter, but I thought I'd ask for assistance. Thanks in advance, Randy Keho

Re: Another web site needs help - Posted by: Bob Letterman - March 28, 2010
Randy, I would really like to help you out, but currently, I can't keep up with what is on my plate! Maybe somebody will read this and contact me. If so I will have them contact you. Have you posted anything on T & T? Bob

Re: Another web site needs help - Posted by: DioRandy - March 29, 2010
Hey, Bob I didn't mean to ask for your personal, hands-on assistance, just to see if you knew anyone who may be interested. I haven't posted anything on T & T lately, but they just approved and scheduled a Vietnam-era build that I've been anticipating. I've picked up an Academy M113, a set of Fruil metal tracks and Legend's Accessories kit, as well as nearly all of Bravo-6's awesome figures. Thanks for your timely response and continued good luck with your current project. Randy

Re: Another web site needs help - Posted by: Bob Letterman - March 29, 2010
Oh! OK. I will try to see if anybody I know would like to help out. Sounds like a cool project Randy. I'll be watching for it on T & T! Bob