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tanktransporter + item on it - Posted by: Janssens,Eddy - December 16, 2009
Hallo Bob , It has taken me some more time than I thought , but , (most due to illnes )but now I'll start with sending the first pictures of the complete scatched tank recovery vehicle of the Leopard Bergepanzer (scale 1/24 also) as used in the Belgian Army , it's not painted yet , but so it shows better what amount of work and time went in it . I also take this moment in time to wish You and Susan a Merry Christmas and Very Happy NewYear and also to all board members

Re: tanktransporter + item on it - Posted by: Bob Letterman - December 20, 2009
Sounds great Eddie, We wish you and yours a great Christmas as well. Pass that on to Luc and his wife too! Bob & Susan