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Scania tanktransporter - Posted by: Janssens,Eddy - October 12, 2009
Hallo Bob , I've added pictures of the trailer , and I will try again later to make some better ones of the complete combination , it is not so easy with such a long subject . And Yes , unlike in the book "Verlinden Way vol.IV page 43 Heavy Weight Centipede " I this time must not be asked by fellow modelers " ....and what are you going to put on that trailer......???!!" With the next Photo's You will find out , it's not finished yet but almost . Till soon , Eddy

Re: Scania tanktransporter - Posted by: Bob Letterman - October 18, 2009
Hey Eddie, Looks fantastic! Now I want to know what you will be putting on it! I'll be looking forward to it! Thanks for posting, Bob