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Pleased to meet everyone - Posted by: Ed - September 7, 2009
My name's Ed Rosario. I'm 46 yrs old from Masachusetts. I've been building models since the age of 7. Over the years I've built everything fro cars to battleships. My main love since 1990, has been figures ranging from 54mm-120mm and larger, both male and female. My 1st competition was back in November 1987 and when my brother and I walked into the Knights of Columbus hall with our models, I didn't realize how many of us modelers and figure painters are out there. We noticed the various ages both young and old and also both male and female. I didn't start winning trophies at the competitions until 1990 and I have massed over 42 trophies, plaques, ribbons and awards So for all those people over the years that said I was playing with toys, I ask where are they now. I've posted some of my work on the gallery. Once again pleasue to meet everyone and looking forward to seeing all of your work Sincerely Ed Rosario

Re: Pleased to meet everyone - Posted by: Bob Letterman - September 7, 2009
Hi Ed. Sounds like you have the credentials! Thanks for posting! We have all experienced the toy thing, just ignore them, and I modeled from 1945 to 1981 without knowing another modeler, so, I understand your story well. Thanks for sharing! Bob

Re: Pleased to meet everyone - Posted by: ed - September 8, 2009
Thanks Bob. I've always been impressed with you work. I was really impressed when I saw my 1st Verlinden book with "The Legacy" Diorama in it. I can only imgaine how many hours it took to construct the diorama. I don't know if your still making the large size diorama's, I hope to see one in person someday. Please to meet you Happy modeling Ed Rosario

Re: Pleased to meet everyone - Posted by: Bob Letterman - September 9, 2009
Hi Ed, Yes, I am still building them. If you go to Bob's gallery, then to "Logistics" 1 Project, you will see the latest one. All the "Logistics" links are builds for that project. All the Museum links on Bob's gallery are the dioramas in my private museum. If you are ever in the St. Louis area, send me an email and we'll arrange a tour of the museum. Bob