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My Brilliant Dad - Posted by: skanaval - May 23, 2009
Bob Wanted to Thank You for being a friend and collegue to Dad. He was a brilliant, funny man and a special friend as my Dad and we will miss him. I would like to attend some upcoming conferences with my brother Mark in honor of Dad and bring some of his work he had hidden away. I am also glad to speak to your audience (give awards if needed). I do lots of public speaking and have Dad's gift of humor and audience...and is part of my chosen career. He helps me each day from above as he will always be with me. Non of the kids have the skillset Dad did with his modeling, but we all carry the "seed" of humor as we call it. Email me and I will send you my contact information so my brothers and sisters can maintain contact with Dads favorite passtime and the great people at MasterCom. Sincerely, Stephen Edward Kanaval

Re: My Brilliant Dad - Posted by: Bob Letterman - May 23, 2009
Thanks Steve, I sold the business to a company in Texas and that is where the show is held now. They have changed the name and most of the guys do not attend anymore. I am in contact with many of them on this web site and another one. There are really no conventions now where we all come together. There has been a lot of talk about starting a new show here by the same group of guys. I will keep you posted if anything about the show comes up. You Dad was a terrific person and we all miss him! My condolences on your loss, Bob