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New stuff - Posted by: Greg Cihlar - March 18, 2009
Here's some pic's of some things I just finished. And thank you all for your nice words.

Re: New stuff - Posted by: rwaltman61 - March 18, 2009
Hey Greg, Thanks for posting and as always, outstanding work! My personal favorite is the mounted Knight. Cheers, Bob W

Re: New stuff - Posted by: Bob Letterman - March 19, 2009
Hey Greg, As always, your stuff is top drawer! Once a year or so, you should try doing something not very good. It would make the rest of us feel normal! Thanks for posting, give us some more! Bob

Re: New stuff - Posted by: jenny - March 23, 2009
Absolutely amazing stuff Greg , you always come up with the dynamic ! Jenny

Re: New stuff - Posted by: gabriel aboy - March 28, 2009
Bravo!!! We want furthermore(moreover), Greg ( your fans ...) amazing stuff man...