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New member - Posted by: Greg Cihlar - February 16, 2009
Hello everyone, recently came across Bob's web site and thought I'd sign up and say hi.

Re: New member - Posted by: DioRandy - February 19, 2009
Welcome, Greg I'm a longtime fan of your work. What's new? Ironically, I was just thumbing through your "Fabulous Military Dioramas" just yesterday.

Re: New member - Posted by: Bob Letterman - February 19, 2009
Welcome Greg, Glad to have you aboard. How about posting some of your dioramas on Visitor's gallery. Everybody would love to see your work! Bob

Re: New member - Posted by: jenny - February 19, 2009
Welcome Greg , I have been a huge fan of your work , I love your dioramas in the gallery , amazing work . Jenny