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New member - Posted by: Federico.P - February 4, 2009
Hello all, I am new in this community and have posted some of my work in the visitor gallery area. I must say that the work shown by all the fellow modelers in this area is just superb. The craftmanship and attention to detail is out of this world, quite an inspiring delight!!! Also please excuse my grammar, english is my second language. All the best, Federico

Re: New member - Posted by: rwaltman61 - February 5, 2009
Hey Federico, Welcome. Outstanding work in your gallery! I look forward to you posting your progress on the U Boat. Take care. Bob W.

Re: New member - Posted by: Federico.P - February 5, 2009
Hello Bob, thank you, but I must say your work is magnificent, I really like the U-boat with interior, very impresive detailing, your figures are also fantastic!!

Re: New member - Posted by: jenny - February 7, 2009
Hiya Federico , my name is Jenny . Your work is amazing !

Re: New member - Posted by: Federico.P - February 7, 2009
Hello Jenny, thanks for the nice compliment on my work, but yours is also fantastic, one of the things I most like about your work apart of the magnificent modeling work is the diorama set-up and angles...very,very nice and impresive.

Re: New member - Posted by: Bob Letterman - February 9, 2009
Hi Frederico Sorry for not responding more quickly! I am at a resort in Texas and they have not been able to get their Wi-Fi repaired since we got here on February 1st! Your work is great! I also like all kinds of models, cars, armor, ships and planes. Thanks for sharing them with us! As soon as I get back on the web on a regular basis, I will try to catch up! Bob