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U 552 update - Posted by: rwaltman61 - January 24, 2009
Hello all, I've updated my gallery with 6 new "in-progress" pics of my latest project: "Erich Topp's U-552". Cheers, Bob W.

Re: U 552 update - Posted by: jenny - January 25, 2009
Hiya Bob , Wow I have just looked over your photographs , you are an amazing modeller ! Your U boat , what scale is it ? Love the 101st airborne diorama as well . You have a broad interest in genre too . I also recognised the Starship Trooper diorama ! Jenny

Re: U 552 update - Posted by: Bob Letterman - January 25, 2009
Hey Bob, In case you don't know Jenny, she has a web site, Look at her postings in the visitors gallery here as well! Most everybody we know is going to her site. It is a great place to post on, awesome talent abounds, reminds me of the old guard at Mastercon, in fact, many of them are there. Check it out! BTW, Lookin' Great! Thanks for posting. Bob

Re: U 552 update - Posted by: rwaltman61 - January 25, 2009
Hey Jenny, Thanks! The U-Boat is the 1/72nd Type VIIC Revell of Germany kit. I've been bouncing back and forth on it for the past two years so I figured I'd finally try and finish the thing. Bob mentioned to me your web site. I look forward to checking it out. Cheers, Bob W

Re: U 552 update - Posted by: Jenny - January 25, 2009
The detail is amazing Bob , you are most welcome on Tanks & Things . I hope you will join us there . Jenny