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My deepest condolences - Posted by: spectre - December 14, 2008
Bob & Susan, I just found out about Star, I am so sorry to hear that. I felt so upset to hear when you told me that she was in the Hospital,I know you have bin throw this be for , but it never gets easier. it is loosing your child. I know this when I lost my German Shepherd "Missy" .That's when I had to get another dog, "Cleo"( Another German Shepherd)and now I have another one "Gunny". When I met Star, she was a Great dog and got attached with her right away, and when you made me her godfather that meant a lot to me. Star had the BEST life with you & Susan and I know that you did all you could for her. If you every need anything, just call or e-mail me. We all loved Star and we will never forget her. Your Friend Andy

Re: My deepest condolences - Posted by: Bob Letterman - December 14, 2008
Thanks Andy, You know more than anybody how much she meant to us, Bob & Susan