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Friend from the Caribbean - Posted by: grego - October 28, 2008
Dear Bob and Susan, I always loved the way you made your diorama's. Hope to see more of your work,I learned a lot from you ,Shep , Lewis and Francios . In the near future we will be with vaccation in St louis and want to visit your museum,hope you can put some pictures of it on your site. I also was a member of the mastergroup George Davelaar Curacao Neth-Antilles Caribbean Aera.

Re: Friend from the Caribbean - Posted by: Bob Letterman - November 3, 2008
Hi Grego, you can email me at and tell me when you will want to see the museum. My phone number is 636 528 2445. When you arrive in the St. Louis area, give me a call and we will make arrangements. Bob