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Christmas Greetings - Posted by: akinney - December 24, 2013
Dear Bob and Susan, Wow what a year and ending with me breaking all three of my middle toes on the right foot on Thanksgiving day. But other than that all is well in Salt Lake City and we are moving ahead with our plans to be moved and retired by the middle of 2015 and we are doing a lot of cleaning out and I have make a very conscience effort to refocus my modelling and I am currently starting to sell most of the collection that I have had and started to sell them on Ebay through a good friend and the split is 35/65 and that is real good considering the economy. My real joy is in the building not the finished product and now it means that I will be concentrating on quality not quantity model building of special models that I consider special. Military models will very likely dominate what I do but there are some special hings out there that will take my attention. From 180 plus cases of models I have now 27 cases of finished or semi finished models that will be traveling to Prescott and Judy and I have decided that it will make more sense to move into a retirement area and not build a new home and will save a lot of money in the long run on housing and the expenses that go with that. We have found a really good place to live and My #2 Mother lives there and that will be nice. the community is only 3 years old and has everything but a swimming pool which is just 1/2 block away. It will have a great room central area, two bedrooms, a den (alleyn's model room) Kitchen area and bathrooms. All are oversize and listed as a living areas not an apartment because of the square footage. We are very happy and both feel that this will be a very good move for us. We are going to get rid of Judy's car and only really need one car for the both of us. I will be officially retired from the state on 24 Jan 2015 my 69th birthday and then we will make the move and selling of the SLC Home. I am glad to hear that you both are doing well and know that even though it will take time you will get your move don one of these day and then. Judy and I send out very best to you both and thank you for your continued friendship and love. Take great care of each other and we do pray for a great and wonderful new year for the two of you. Will talk to you soon and take care and stay good and well. As always your Salt Lake City friends send nothing but the very best to you both. Alleyn