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Note From Fred Lue - Posted by: flue - October 24, 2013
Susan and Bob Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much we miss you. Pat and I are waiting the arrival of Noah Allen Lue in January 2014. Also, our son Tim who is now an Army Reservist MP is set to deploy in January 2014. Next month, I will turn 70. Been retired for 10 years and enjoying every minute. I still go to Major Art and Hobby when one of the Girls wants to take some time off. I hope to see you soon. Fred Lue.

Re: Note From Fred Lue - Posted by: Bob Letterman - November 27, 2013
Hey Fred, Great to hear from you. We're doing fine. I'm 72 and Susan is 68. Both in good health. Still modeling a lot. I took my daughter Gail to the Gulf coast in July and Susan went to Vegas with her GF from New Orleans in august. Is Major art and hobby still at the same location? Keep in touch. Bob and Susan