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BR-52 Super Dioramas - Posted by: JoeDio - August 22, 2012
Dear Mr. Letterman, I have tried to contact you a couple of times over the last several weeks through email addresses on your amazing web site, but have received no reply. As a personal introduction, I have built industrial design and miniature special effects models for major studios on films such as "Titanic", "Starship Troopers", "Godzila",... I now specialize in 1:35 to 1:30 scale dioramas for private collectors, museums and model manufactures. I would like to initiate a dialogue with you and have the ability to forward photos of two, Super Dioramas, I have built recently featuring camouflaged BR-52 locomotives, but have been unable to forward photos to you. Please forward an email address to which I can attach photos. These photos have not yet been posted on my portfolio gallery web site and I thought you might appreciate a "sneak preview" due to the fact you are building a Super Diorama presently which features a BR-52 in its foreground. When you have the time, please visit my web sight where more than twenty-five dioramas are featured in high-detail photo-realism. I would very much like get your impressions of the work. Thank you for your consideration and I will look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Best Regards, Joseph Neumeyer Founder: Dynamicdioramas URL: Cell: (310) 782-4218

Re: BR-52 Super Dioramas - Posted by: Bob Letterman - August 23, 2012
I'll send you an email today Joe! Bob