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Gallery? - Posted by: mattd8589 - August 21, 2008
Hey Bob, Hope all is well there in St Louis. I just wanted to know a few things: 1) When will you have photos of your work uploaded to your Gallery? 2) When do we get to see that huge city dio you were working on at Mastercon 15? 3) Would you ever consider hitting the show circuit so we can see some more of your work live and in person? Take it easy - Matt

Re: Gallery? - Posted by: Bob Letterman - September 4, 2008
Matt, Sorry, I have been so busy since retiring I can't remember how I ever had time to go to work. I am finally modeling again, have a lot of pics and intend to load them on this site as well as some in progress shots of older dios that were never published. As a matter of fact, we are leaving the 9th of September for a 7000 mile trip from Florida to Phoenix and Denver and will make the Panhandle show in Florida, then on to Mastercon in Dallas. This trip is for seeing old friends in almost every city we are visiting. I'm not bringing anything, I have an M-32 B1 conversion that is almost complete for that large diorama yo mentioned, but couldn't quite get it finished. When we return around the first of November, I plan on modeling all winter and getting my web site up to date. The show circuit? I don't know. I always had a crew of VLS staffers to move those monsters and now it is just me and Susan? Thanks for inquiring! Bob

I'm looking forward to it. - Posted by: mattd8589 - September 4, 2008
Good to hear you're enjoying retirement. Does the Bob and Susan Letterman World Tour include a stop at the MMSI show in Chicago? What's a few extra miles when you're already going 7,000? Maybe you can bring a few vehicles and whatnot from the giant scenes and tease us with those at the shows. I'll look for pics here in the Spring. Matt